The Montgomery County Health Department started as the Montgomery County Nursing Service in September of 1954. The Montgomery County Farm Bureau spearheaded the development of this organization. When the nursing service was started, they initially only employed one nurse.

As the years passed, the Montgomery County Nursing Service grew with many more services and staff added. In 1975, the Nursing Service became a Women, Infant, & Children (WIC) Agency. This special supplemental nutrition program aims to protect the health of low-income women, infants, and children up to the age of five who are at nutrition risk. This program continues to run strong today and is a federally funded program.

In January of 1982, Montgomery County Nursing Service was certified as a Home Health Agency. This allowed the Nursing Service to provide more specialized care in the homes of our county residents. Montgomery County Home Health Agency still runs strong today and has grown immensely. We currently keep five nurses, one physical therapist, one occupational therapist and one speech therapist busy providing care to clients across Montgomery County.

Environmental Public Health Services were added in 1989. These services include food safety inspections, well water testing, septic system permits, and hotel and lodging inspections.

Montgomery County voters approved a county property tax for the Nursing Service in April of 1987, which officially made it Montgomery County Health Department. The addition of the mill tax has allowed the department to expand its services even more over the years. In August of 1997, the health department moved to their new facility at 400 Salisbury Street, and the department continues to reside there.