Enrolling in college as a student with a mental health disorder doesn’t need to be overwhelming or intimidating. Students who know their rights and learn how to ask for assistance can go on to complete their degree and have a positive educational experience in the process.

To help students find the assistance they need, we created this guide to explain the resources and accommodations most schools provide, and offer tips on how to access these mental health services.

We created an extensive guide to help students navigate the programs and policies supporting mental health. We covered topics from understanding their rights to potential accommodations, tips on accessing mental health services, and scholarships available specifically to them.

College Planning Guide for Students With Mental Health Disorders – Intelligent


Missouri Assisted Living

Missouri is a senior-friendly state with a number of programs available through the Senior and Disabilities branch of the Department of Health and Human Services to help make retirement more affordable.

Of the 6,168,187 people who call the state home, 17.3% are aged 65 or older. Missouri boasts a low overall cost of living, with affordable housing and health care costs, and it has a comfortable four-season climate, with warm summers and comfortable but potentially snowy winters. Each year around 206 days are sunny, which is slightly higher than the national average.

This guide outlines the average costs of assisted living in Missouri and lists resources for seniors to find low-cost and free resources to help with their retirement. It discusses the potential assistance available through Medicaid to pay for assisted living in Missouri.

For the Missouri Assisted Living Guide click on this link:

Dementia Resources

Dementia is a complex and challenging condition that requires a lot of care and understanding. The diagnosis of dementia not only affects the individual but also their families, who often struggle with the emotional and financial burden of caring for someone with the disease., has recently launched a comprehensive resource guide to help seniors and their families better understand dementia, the different types of care available, and how to manage the costs associated with care. You can access the resource here: